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AdvancedDx Biological Laboratories USA Inc. is the US affiliate of ABL Diagnostics (FR001400AHX6 – ABLD), a Euronext-listed French company.

The company is pleased to assist its customers and partners by supporting research, providing laboratory efficiency and increasing cost effectiveness.

AdvancedDx Biological Laboratory USA Inc.

The company offers an array of Research Use Only kits for use on NGS platforms and for some on Sanger sequencing platforms.

This offer includes general laboratory product (GLP) reagents that enable diverse sequencing methods for a variety of sample types and throughput needs. DeepChek® library preparation reagents and universal adapters are for next generation sequencing.

The sequencing outputs can be analyzed with specific downstream sequencing analysis software (e.g. DeepChek® Software) to reduce laboratory staff burden and to alleviate the need for specialized bioinformatics expertise or on the contrary with using generic bioinformatics software and tools for more advanced research teams.

Please find here the link of the currently products listed with the FDA to be distributed by AdvancedDx Biological Laboratories USA: FDA listing.

DeepChek® Whole Genome HIV-1 (RUO)

DeepChek® Assay Whole Genome HIV-1 Genotyping has been developed for use with the leading next generation sequencing (NGS) platforms and includes optimized multiplex PCR master mixes with primers to amplify RNA and proviral DNA inputs. with manual or automated library preparations.

The comprehensive assay is offering a global screening of mutations on all HIV-1 genomic targets related to HIV-1 inhibitors (reverse transcriptase inhibitors (NRTIs, NNRTIs, NRTTIs), protease inhibitors, integrase and integrase strand transfer inhibitors, capsid inhibitors, attachment and post-attachment inhibitors, and fusion inhibitors) including the new drugs like lenacapavir and cabenuva.

This comprehensive kit is intended for use in discovering and developing medical knowledge related to HIV-1 mutations prevalence and emergence and their possible impact of drug resistance. By analyzing the genetic sequences of HIV-1, one can monitor and control the evolution of the HIV-1 virus, build databases linking mutation patterns and treatment response to develop and update HIV drug resistance interpretation algorithms to optimize antiretroviral therapy strategies, and identify earlier drug resistant viruses to prevent HIV drug resistance transmission. This assay is of interest for either national or international research and public health initiatives.

Leaflet DeepChek® Assays for Carrying Out Research About HIV Drug Resistance

Example of DeepChek® Whole Genome HIV-1 Genotyping Report (RUO)

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